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360°, immersive experience, Overthinking, 3D artwork, Unreal Engine, Sami Sipahioglu



In this work, the artist embarks on an inner journey in which he questions his existence as an artist and his artistic pursuits. While the infinity of the sea represents the subconscious, the figure on the hand represents the artist's search, and the figure with its head turned upside down symbolizes the weight of his thoughts. The artist presents this inner journey to the user as an immersive experience accompanied by a monologue.

DATE: October 2022

TYPE: 360° Immersive Experience

DURATION: 03' 00''


TOOLS: Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine 5, After Effects

COMPOSER & SOUND DESIGNER: Danil Iniushkin / Werfol

Sometimes I feel like I'm on the brink of a mental breakdown. My mind races with thoughts of self-doubt and insecurity, and I question whether I have what it takes to be an artist.

But then I remember the times when I felt truly well when my creativity flowed effortlessly and I was able to create something beautiful from my thoughts and emotions. Those moments of happiness are what keep me going, even when I feel overwhelmed by the weight of my own thoughts.

I remind myself that knowledge is power, and the more I learn about the craft of art, the better equipped I am to handle any crises that may come my way. But at the same time, I know that being an artist isn't just about mastering technical skills. It's about tapping into my innermost thoughts and feelings and using them to create something that speaks to others.

Sometimes I feel like a mastermind, like I have all the answers and the world is my oyster. Other times, I feel like a lost soul, wandering aimlessly in a sea of self-doubt and confusion.


It is a banner of Overthinking in Meta quest library.


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