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Explore Ilhan Mimaroğlu's World:

A First-Person

Interactive Digital Archive

Ilhan Mimaroglu, a prominent musician celebrated for his contemporary, artistic, and activist persona, remains a trailblazer in the realm of electronic music. Despite his prolific contributions to the world of music and art, no dedicated archive has preserved his legacy except a documentary. This graduation project does not merely seek to raise awareness but endeavors to unite the works of this significant figure in electronic music.

The project targets a diverse audience, including electronic music enthusiasts, producers, individuals from underground culture, art connoisseurs, and a demographic aged between 20 and 35, well-versed in technology and its implications. The project aims to provide them with an experiential insight into Mimaroglu's life and work.


Inspired by Mimaroglu's innovative spirit, the project aspires to create a comprehensive digital archive that immerses users in his world. In doing so, I challenge traditional archiving methods, offering an alternative approach to preserving the remarkable contributions of this iconic figure.

DATE: July 2022

TOOLS: Unreal Engine 5.2, Cinema 4D, Adobe CC


LOCATION: Istanbul Bilgi University

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